How to Find Turnkey Rentals In Colorado Springs

Want to invest in turnkey properties? Of course, you do because they make a great addition to any portfolio. In this blog post we’re sharing how to find turnkey rentals in Colorado Springs…

Turnkey rental properties are a great addition to any investor’s portfolio – they’re hands off, they’re simple to own, and they provide cash flow that can help you achieve your financial goals. But where do you find them?

Fortunately, there’re a few ways to find them and we’re sharing 4 ways here.

How To Find Turnkey Rentals In Colorado Springs

#1. Google

Yes, this is one of the fastest ways! An internet search of “turnkey rentals in Colorado Springs” can help you find turnkey property investors who will sell you a turnkey rental. Unfortunately, though, in some markets, it can be quite daunting if there are many companies offering turnkey properties. Still, this is a good place to start.

#2. Look in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to find other investors and investment companies. Search in Facebook for Facebook groups about investing and then post there that you’re looking for turnkey properties. You might need to check the Group’s posting rules, though, to make sure it’s okay to ask. There might also be some LinkedIn Groups that can help you find turnkey properties, too.

Bonus tip: be sure to specify where you want to invest because these groups might have international investors in them so you’ll want to specific first so you don’t get offers of turnkey properties in other places.

#3. Post on social media

knife-1635942_1280Tap into your network of friends and family and see if anyone you know has turnkey properties for sale. Even if they don’t have any themselves, ask them to share your post with their friends and family because they might know someone who can help. That’s the power of social media working for you!

(However, we don’t recommend working with family and friends because if something goes wrong or if there’s a misunderstanding then it could strain the relationship.)

#4. Ask us!

While you could Google, ask a Facebook Group, or post on social media, why take all the time and do all the legwork yourself when turnkey properties are just a click or call away?!? That’s right, we at Tactical Investing Inc. sell turnkey investment properties so we can help you add some to your portfolio. We’ve been doing this for a while and we have many happy clients who love working with us, and we’d love helping you! Plus, we can introduce you to folks we know who can help you with your IRA, if you want to hold turnkey properties in there.

#5. Network at local REI meetups.

A fifth method for finding great real estate deals in your local area is to network with other investors at local REI meetups so you can find people who share your same interests and are looking for deals in the same areas as you.  Find the cash buyers who are hungry for deals in your area and then get their phone numbers and email addresses and add them to your database so you can forward them deals whenever you get them under contract. If you are simply trying to locate good investment deals and not become an investor then you can go there as well and put your name in as a retail buyer looking for good deals or even as a contractor looking to work with investors to help them flip properties.

#6. Sign up on VIP cash buyers lists.

Find local wholesale real estate investors such as Wholesale Properties Colorado where you can sign up to become a VIP cash buyer where they will send you deals straight to your inbox to let you know of the latest and greatest deals that have recently come into their system.  You can let them know exactly which areas of Colorado you are searching for deals in and at what price range you are willing to buy them at.  Our company is willing to help you as much as humanly possible so please click on the links to get more information and sign up today to start receiving great deals.

It’s really easy to work with us. Just click here and fill out the form or call our office at (719) 244-4069. We’ll share our inventory of turnkey properties with you and help you find one (or more) that works for you.

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